Favorite Child

Our Boat:
Favorite Child

This luxurious 2021 Lagoon 46 gives you ample space to enjoy your day exploring the turquoise sea and beautiful coastline of any island. 

Favorite Child has 3 spacious cushioned outdoor lounge areas to relax, sun bath or just take in the view. There are 2 comfy large nets in front, which is an exhilarating ride when underway! If you are feeling very daring, we have 2 bow seats on each side of the boat where you can hear, see and feel (possible splash zone!!) the water rushing by you! If tanning isn’t your jam, we do have 2 generous shaded areas, including the flybridge, which gives you 360 views of the great blue marble!   

Favorite child is our favorite daydream...

I mean she looks good from all angles…